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Project Detail

Proyecto GAMA (Gestión Ambiental en la Minería Artesanal), Phase 3

Year: 2006 - 2008
Country: Peru Peru / Additional countries involved: Switzerland, Germany / Region: S-America

Client / Partner or Contractor: SDC / Projekt-Consult, Regional Governments, MEM
Function: Advisor

Implementation of environmental mining techniques, Training of business skills of formalized artisanal miners, Empowerment of artisanal mining communities through ICT4D (Public Internet access and creation of the user driven interactive Internet knowledge management platform GECO); Legal framework for Small Scale Mining

Type of Project: advisory, implementation
Issues addressed: technology, environment, mercury, safety, social, legal, policy, capacity building, ASM
Commodity: gold

Project website: www.gama-peru.org, http://geco.mineroartesanal.com