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Mining Engineering

Practically any human activity involves the use of mineral raw materials. Mining provides these materials and mining engineering is the technical discipline of extracting these solid mineral raw materials from their natural deposits in an economic manner. Modern and responsible mining engineering requires incorporating all relevant social and environmental aspects into the design process.

What tbb.hru can offer:

tbb.hru has particular experience in planning, reorganization and upscaling mining operations. Tasks performed within different projects during the past decades include:

  • underground mine design,
  • design of inclined shaft haulage systems,
  • improvement of mine safety and occupational health,
  • design of dust reduction systems,
  • training and capacity building for miners and mine managers,
  • design and implementation of environmental mitigation measures,
  • evaluation of feasibility studies,
  • etc.

Many of these tasks have been performed successfully in the artisanal and small-scale sector, up-scaling artisanal mines to small-scale and small-scale mines towards medium scale. Technological improvement (and corresponding investment) in the ASM sector is even harder to achieve, as scarcity of financial resources and scepticism regarding technological changes prevail.