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Information Technology

Information is key to development. Limited ability to process large amounts of data, limited access to existing data, or lack of data are typical obstacles of the mining and minerals sector in developing countries, causing serious consequences on decision making processes (data > information > knowledge > decision). Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) focuses on using digital technology to deliver specific development goals.

What tbb.hru can offer:

IT experience since early "DOS times" were a sound basis for Felix Hruschka to be among the first to explore the potential of Open Source software and the Internet for project implementation in the mining sector. In many cases, projects implemented by tbb.hru benefit significantly from this experience.

Project examples cover a wide range of mining and development related IT activities:

  • Creation of community platforms for knowledge management, combined with training of users (such as the GECO knowledge management platform for Peruvian artisanal miners, developed as part of the GAMA project: geco.mineroartesanal.com),

  • Satellite connectivity (Telecentro Sta. Filomena),

  • Internet based participative project management (such as the use of bulletin board software for decision making in multistakeholder project steering committees: El Monitor de Subproyectos),

  • Needs analysis of institutional IT requirements (SDNRP Project)

  • Programming of a national mineral resource database with a digital geo-data archive system (SDNRP2 Project) AGS Databases

  • GIS applications.

The contribution of tbb.hru to global ASM knowledge sharing

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By end of 2016 tbb.hru acquired the domain artisanalmining.org of the former CASM website, with the intent of providing continuity to ASM knowledge sharing. A first step to fulfill this mission is to "bring home" all the lost files from the former CASM website and initiative in form of "The CASM Files".