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Project Detail

Proyecto GAMA (Gestión Ambiental en la Minería Artesanal), Phase 2

Year: 2003 - 2005
Country: Peru Peru / Additional countries involved: Switzerland, Germany / Region: S-America

Client / Partner or Contractor: SDC / Projekt-Consult, Regional Governments, MEM
Function: Team leader

Implementation of environmental mining techniques; Interaction Human health and environmental conditions (concientization and improvement); Socio-economic, -cultural, organizational, institutional and community related issues; Legal framework for Artisanal and Small-scale Mining; ICT4D (Knowledge sharing platform GECO and community based Internet Cafes "telecentros" in remote areas)

Type of Project: implementation
Issues addressed: technology, environment, mercury, safety, economy, social, legal, policy, IT, capacity building, ASM
Commodity: gold

Project website: www.gama-peru.org, http://geco.mineroartesanal.com